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About us

SAMO URDIH d.o.o. has been transporting various kinds of freight in Slovenia and its neighboring countries since 1994. We organize shipments to all EU countries and countries of the former Yugoslavia, focusing on Italy, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.

Our capable and efficient staff ensure mutual trust and cooperation. Exchanging experiences and information is crucial for cooperation between individual departments.Our company puts a great emphasis on employee training, rewarding and meetings, which contributes to successful collaboration of departments and personnel.
Such approach facilitates the company’s professional development, adaptation to the needs of the market and growth.

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We possess all necessary permits for transport operations and licenses for waste transport. Our modern vehicle fleet meets all safety and environmental requirements. Our responsiveness, expertise and experienced drivers ensure a timely and quality delivery of your shipment to its destination. Our vehicle tracking system allows monitoring your shipment’s current location. The quality of our services is confirmed by a number of recognized, long-time customers. Our experienced staff members with professional attitude to work can adapt to the demands of the changing market and new clients.

Transport vehicles

We have 60 vehicles of different configurations – from conventional semi-trailer and mega trailer trucks to dumper trucks and smaller goods vehicles for organizing groupage transport.
We can transport pallets and other freight which is up to 13.60 m long and 2.45 m wide.

Part of the vehicle fleet is intended for bulk transport including all kinds of bulky and baled waste, iron, metals, grain, sawdust, sand, salt, etc.

A smaller team is responsible for providing transport of smaller freight or groupage on similar routes. We provide these services using vans, light goods vehicles and standard semi-trailers.

We also help our customers find carriers for routes that we do not cover.
Our principle and working method is to cooperate so the order is placed on a proper vehicle in a manner that complies with the customer’s instructions and wishes, and timely delivered.


Warehouse Logistics Center

We offer our customers the possibility of storing their goods in our office and storage facility in Šempeter pri Gorici (industrial zone Lavžnik), which is located just by the state border. To optimize our transport operations, we can transship goods using forklifts.

Service of vehicles

We have our own fast service for minor regular services and repairs to our vehicles and trailers.

Company Details

Mednarodni prehod 2A
5290 Šempeter pri Gorici
VAT: SI45852693

Working hours

From Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00

Transport of standard shipments:
Valter Čuk: valter@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 41 703 155
Telephone: +386 5 330 68 05

Darja Pečenko: darja@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 31 631 120
Telephone: +386 5 330 68 08

Transport of waste materials and bulk cargo:
Martina Cencič Žerovec:martina@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 41 630 561
Telephone: +386 5 330 68 01

Mojca Colja: mojca@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 31 769 910

Organization of groupage transport:
Marko Košuta: marko@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 51 302 902
Telephone: +386 5 330 68 00

Kristjan Beltram: kristjan@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 31 710 990
Telephone: 00386 5 330 68 16

Karmen Urdih: karmen@s-urdih.com
Telephone: +386 330 68 09
Fax: +386 330 68 06

Maja Gatej: maja@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 41 771 441
Telephone: +386 5 330 68 09

Company management:
Samo Urdih: samo@s-urdih.com
Mobile: +386 41 352 666
Telephone: +386 5 330 68 17

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Mednarodni prehod 2A
5290 Šempeter pri Gorici
VAT: SI45852693
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